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Jan 20, 2020

Going Direct:

Fresh life path guidance! I practice astrology, facilitate Moon Ceremony and live a life filled with intention toward spiritual expansion, personal development and soul evolution. I’ve had my Natal Chart read numerous times, and thoroughly enjoyed this fresh perspective! The way I experience life is so intricate and to have someone describe various astrological aspects that mirror my life experience’s is truly... so mystical and magical. It keeps me so devoted to this practice of self-discovery and combines perfectly as a sister science to yoga and its various self-study practices. 

In the Transits:

  • Mon Jan 20 Sun ingress Aquarius: Happy Birthday Aquarius!
  • Thu Jan 23 Sun square Uranus: Adjust to Changing Plans
  • Thu Jan 23 Venus sextile Jupiter: ...And Love Every Minute of It!
  • Fri Jan 24 New Moon in Aquarius: Unexpected Developments
  • Sat Jan 25 Lunar New Year: The Chinese New Year
  • Sat Jan 25 Mercury sextile Mars: Individual Initiative
  • Sun Jan 26 Venus square Mars: Physical Attraction
  • Mon Jan 27 Venus conjunct Neptune: Creating Vision

Talisman Times:


  • Wed Jan 15 To include all family emotions for the perfect outcome.


  • Wed Jan 22 To understand the feelings of your partner.
  • Mon Jan 27 To heal illness.

On the Horizon:



Our House:

Sandy and Alex talk about their thoughts on AGISM. The topic is spurred about Bettina Gordon, a journalist and “older” mother, who’s main message is “It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams.” (see our upcoming Astrological Interview with Bettina Gordon).


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