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Dec 23, 2019

Going Direct:

Katie- The Solar Year webinar was great. Sandy explained everything in a way that is easy to understand. Hearing her personal examples of how certain recent dates in her life worked out the way they did based on the energies made the information clearer for me. I’m excited about trying to plan out the year with the energies in mind.  Sign-up for Solar Powered Webinar

In the Transits:

  • Tue Dec 24 Sun trine Uranus: Lively and Bright
  • Wed Dec 25 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Annular Eclipse!
  • Fri Dec 27 Sun conjunct Jupiter: Serious Sense of Purpose
  • Sat Dec 28 Mercury ingress Capricorn: Serious Thinking

Talisman Times:


  • Sun Dec 15 To initiate a project.
  • Mon Dec 16 To gain favor.
  • Tue Dec 17 To help people that need a boost.
  • Tue Dec 17 To work together for success together.
  • Thu Dec 19 To strengthen a marriage.
  • Thu Dec 19 To benefit using meditation practices. 


  • Sat Dec 28 To birth and attract all Venusian qualities.

On the Horizon:

Our House:

  • Sandy’s Florida Visit Recap

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