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Jul 29, 2019

Going Direct

Podcast Listener: “Have a great day! I love love love the podcast. Best mother daughter energy on air! I love the interview with Jan Desai! What a Wonder Woman! You have a great tribe.”

Jan Desai’s review of her Astrology Reading with Sandy: “Sandy’s perspective and insight was right on – I trust her completely…” Listen to the Jan Desai Astrological Interview

In The Transits

  • Mon July 29 Sun square Uranus: Stressed Freedom
  • Wed July 31 New Moon in Leo: Huggy Time
  • Wed July 31 Mercury stations Direct: Speak Freely
  • Fri Aug 1 Venus trine Uranus: Go It Alone

Talisman Times:


  • Jupiter trine Mars trine Moon: To be fired up and blast off with success!


  • New Moon in Leo- Special Mala!

On the Horizon:




  • September 19-23 Unhustle Retreat- Lake Tahoe, CA

Our House:

  • Recapping the Wanderlust festival trip to Squaw Valley
  • Sandy and Alex host family from out of town! Sandy’s Mother and Sister are here in Chicago and at the podcast! Hear more about …  their CB radio days, Huggy Time, and a gazebo love story

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