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Jul 22, 2019

Going Direct

Hello ladies!

I had to write to you to tell you that your beads have worked in powerful ways

For my bachelorette party, I went to wanderlust in Tahoe with my best friend and my listless sister and we took your workshop. As we were guided through your powerful ceremony, we set intentions into our beads.  I chose “worthy” my best friend chose “support”. I kept my bead at my bedside table for roughly 8 months and slowly I grew into my worthiness until one day, I felt like the message was no longer relevant to me. 

My best friend and I get together on a weekly basis to study the course in miracles and one night I confessed that I needed support - which was hard for me to admit because I’m a very independent person and don’t like to feel weak or ask for help. She immediately said, “Take my support bead!! It will remind you that you ARE supported”. I asked her what she needed, she said “I want to feel worthy” - she had forgotten that was my intention for my bead.

We excitedly swapped beads. I tied her bead to my phone case so every-time I picked up my bead, I was reminded that I was supported. For months I had her bead and she had mine and soon I was feeling showered by support. Some days it would bring me to tears.

On multiple accounts my friend would loose my bead, be sure it was gone, and then rediscover it. She admitted that every time she lost it, she was not willing to work on the lesson and when she found it, she was ready.

Recently, I went to a wedding in Italy, had a good time, and woke up the next morning with the string tied to my phone but the bead gone... my gut told me it was down by the pool and someone had stepped on it, breaking it off of the string. Within minutes I found it in pieces (this itself is truly a miracle). I sent my friend a photo of the broken bead, apologizing for it breaking on my watch, but I told her that it must mean we no longer needed the lesson. She of course had lost my bead and didn’t tell me so she felt less guilty for loosing it . That night, she had a dream that something was in her belly button... she reached in and pulled out her bead... clearly we no longer needed the support bead because the message was internalized. 

A few days later she found my bead in a place she had already looked... it appeared, ready to remind her of her worthiness.

Needless to say, these beads and that ceremony was very powerful and we thank you for coming into our lives and helping us have these breakthroughs. :)

Sending all the love and light and gratitude your way!!!


Chelsea Bo

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