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Jul 8, 2019

Going Direct: Intention Bracelet feedback

I am manifesting change! I am finding that me just looking at the bracelet, it reminds me of what I deeply desire in my life.  It helps unblock me from my own whirling mind and get to the core of my desire to create again. I am feeling progress in removing my obstacles of too much noise, and I'm moving closer to my creative flow.  The biggest obstacle I have is that I haven't been focused on action and adding this tool has really helped keep me on task. I'm in a process of purging belongings to clear my path so I have room to create - still working on it - but for some reason, my procrastination and "stuckness" are subsiding.

In The Transits

  • Mon July 8 Venus Sextile Uranus: Show a New Side
  • Mon July 8 Mercury Rx conjunct Mars: Repeating Something?
  • Tue July 9 Sun opposed Saturn: Say Goodbye
  • Wed July 10 Sun trine Neptune: Spiritual Quietness
  • Thu July 11 Mars square Uranus: Move Cautiously 
  • Sun July 14 Sun opposing Pluto: Dark Shadows

Talisman Times:


  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: To be loyal to my tribe by staying objective to everyone’s needs. 


  • Venus sextile Uranus: To attract an exciting relationship.
  • Mercury Retrograde conjunct Mars: To recognize missing information.
  • Sun opposing Saturn: To allow the push pull effect for optimal results. 
  • Sun trine Neptune: To center within your quiet spot.
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter: To understand on a deep intuitive level. 

On the Horizon:


Our House:

  • Sandy and Alex recap their Wedding Weekend and the Surprise MASK-arade they created! Then on the way home, they bumped into the Gay Pride Parade - driving down the parade route! 
  • Sandy wraps up with her personal pet-peeve of a week and how she was able to reign herself at the center.


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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer Mala

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