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May 22, 2019

Going Direct: 

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  • Podcast  review (5/5 stars):

A podcast for the soul     

by MilenaRegos

Authentic, deep, inspirational, and right to the point! Great conversation between a mother and a daughter with so much deep insights into what’s going on in the world. One of my favorite podcasts- validating and motivating all in one. We have the choice to use their wisdom or not.

In The Transits

  • May 21 Sun ingress into Gemini: Be Curious
  • May 22 Mars sextile Uranus: Rather Restless

Talisman Times:


  • Sun in Gemini GIFTS
  • Mercury sextile Neptune: To perfect the art of daydreaming.
  • Mercury cazimi the Sun: To increase exchange of ideas.
  • Mercury cazimi the Sun: To be orderly and detailed in a given profession.


  • Mercury/Sun in Gemini: To express knowledge and wisdom.
  • Mercury/Sun in Gemini: To enter a successful business deal.

On the Horizon:


  • September 13 Nahko Bear & Medicine for the People


Our House:

  • Full Moon in Scorpio: Emotional depths
    • What was your experience with the Full Moon this month? Especially the Taurus & Scorpio signs!

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