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Mar 13, 2019

In The Transits:

  • March 13 Sun sextile Pluto: Confront Your Power
  • March 13 Sun square Jupiter: Positive Force- Just Don’t O.D.
  • March 14 Mars trine Saturn: Controlled Energy
  • March 14 Sun cazimi Mercury Rx (Retrograde): Clear and Calm
  • March 15 Mercury Rx square Jupiter: Optimistic Approach
  • March 16 Mercury Rx sextile Pluto: Investigating the Truths
  • March 17 Mercury Rx sextile Mars: Think for Yourself

Talisman Times:

    • Jupiter square Mercury Rx: To successfully rectify wrongs.
    • Jupiter square Mercury stationing Rx: To take an optimistic approach.
    • Sun sextile Pluto: To make profound changes in life.
    • Jupiter square Sun: To achieve with restraint.
    • Saturn trine Mars: To control high energy.
    • Mercury Rx conjunct Sun cazimi: To have all clear messages.

On the Horizon:



Our House:

  • Sandy shares about her TOE READING from the International Women’s Summit (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Would you like your solar return chart done on the podcast? Email with the subject: PODCAST READING

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