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Jan 30, 2019

In The Transits:

  • Sun cazimi Mercury: Clear Thinking
  • Saturn sextile Neptune: Spiritual and Material Balance
  • Mars square Pluto: Transform- or DON’T
  • Venus trine Uranus: Experimental Fun?
  • Mercury sextile Jupiter: Finish the Puzzle
  • Venus in Capricorn: Mature Love
  • New Moon in Aquarius: New Pathways

Talisman Times:

    • Jupiter trine Mars- To easily flow with great energy.
    • Jupiter trine Mars- To make something of myself.
    • Mars trine Jupiter- To plan in great foresight.
    • Mercury Cazimi Sun- To be detailed, organized and productive.
    • Neptune sextile Saturn- To vision a reality.
    • Saturn sextile Neptune- To develop the long term plan to reach a dream.

On the Horizon:


Our House:

  • Sandy and Alex recap many of their favorite stories from their travels to Bali. So many in fact, that they run out of time and will create an entire episode dedicated to Bali stories!

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