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Jan 23, 2019

In The Transits:

  • Mercury square Uranus: Increased tempo
  • Mercury in Aquarius: Genius ideas
  • Mars trine Jupiter: Firing up!

Talisman Times:

    • Mars trine Venus- To expand and express sexual desires.
    • Venus trine Mars- To be charming with the opposite sex.
    • Mercury conjunct Pluto- To speak with persuasive force.
    • Venus conjunct Jupiter- To go beyond the physical act of sex to transform and change.
    • Jupiter trine Mars- To easily flow with great energy.
    • Jupiter trine Mars- To make something of myself.
    • Mars trine Jupiter- To plan in great foresight.

On the Horizon:

Our House:

  • Sandy & Alex rehash their journey back from Mexico. In a nutshell- stop, search, stop again, and then locked door.


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