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May 15, 2019

In The Transits

  • May 15 Venus ingress into Taurus: Enjoy Sensuality
  • May 15 Mercury sextile Neptune: Daydreaming
  • May 15 Mars ingress into Cancer: Fight for a Cause
  • May 16 Mercury trine Saturn: You Know What You’re Talking About
  • May 18 Full Moon in Scorpio: Blue Flower Moon
  • May 18 Mercury trine Pluto: Insist What You Know
  • May 18 Venus conjunct Uranus: Exciting Surprises or Disruptions
  • May 21 Sun ingress into Gemini: Be Curious
  • May 21 Mercury ingress into Gemini: Collect Info
  • May 21 Sun conjunct Mercury: Cazimi!

Talisman Times:


  • Sun trine Saturn: To organize and plan all affairs successfully.
  • Jupiter trine Venus: To be a creative leader.


  • Mercury sextile Neptune: To perfect the art of daydreaming.
  • Mercury cazimi the Sun: To increase exchange of ideas.
  • : To be orderly and detailed in my creative

On the Horizon:

Our House:

  • Mother’s Day Celebrations: Alex reads her post to her mom & they tell a favorite Mother/Daughter story.  
    • Happy Mother’s Day to my mentor, my business partner, my inspiration, my travel buddy, my roomie, and my momma. I don’t remember making the decision to have you as my mom, but I know it was one of my greatest decisions ever! My life has grown brighter, bigger, and more beautiful having you in it. I have so many memories and life lessons from you that could fill more lifetimes to come. I love you with all my heart. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, your baby I’ll be.” 🎼

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