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Dec 19, 2018

In The Transits:

  • Sun trine Uranus: Ready or not, here it comes!
  • Venus trine Neptune: Unselfish spiritual love.
  • Mercury conjunct Jupiter: Go BIG AND go home.
  • Sun moves into Capricorn: Winter is now here.
  • Mercury square Neptune: Early prep is needed.

Talisman Times:

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius Malas & Bracelets are live on the site!
    • Asc Capricorn/Saturn sextile Venus- To commit to a love relationship.
    • Asc Taurus/Saturn sextile Venus - To increase commerce and fortunate sales.
    • Sun trine Uranus- To discover the unique differences in the world.
    • Venus trine Neptune- To envision a peaceful and spiritual world.
    • Jupiter conjunct Mercury- To expand curiosity and spiritual understanding.
    • Venus trine Neptune- To find peace, bliss, and romance.
    • Asc Gemini Mercury conjunct Jupiter- To better understand the goals and beliefs of my loved ones.
    • Sun in Capricorn- To focus on my goals and responsibilities.

On the Horizon:

Our House:

  • Cool video of the Winter Solstice in Fairbanks, AK:
  • Sandy’s story- Her Solar Powered Year’s dates are proving RIGHT ON!
  • Alex’s story- Reviewing last week’s transits- the Venus sextile Saturn: To commit to a love relationship

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