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Dec 12, 2018

Going Direct:

My name is Nicole from AZ and I met Sandy at CYL this November. I must admit, your mom began talking with me about intention beads and the process and she was talking way over my head! But she told me about the podcast and I am happy to say I have listened to all of them! I am totally caught up and have learned so much!

When I was younger I was always so interested in the planets and 'outer space'..I knew things and didn't know why. This podcast is so wonderful. I appreciate how things are explained and sometimes themes and terms are repeated..I feel like I'm getting the hang of this and really am enjoying this part of my journey. There are so many ways to connect with Spirit and I love learning how each compliments the other.

The energy between you and your mom is beautiful to witness through the radio waves. How special to have found a niche for both of you to explore, grow, and enjoy! I know I am interested in having your mom do my chart and personalize a set of beads (I forget what that is called) but she explained how she would do a consultation and create beads that were individualized for me. That is on my 2019 bucket list!



In The Transits:

  • Mercury in Sagittarius: Details of the bigger picture, the puzzle pieces.
  • Venus sextile Saturn: Relationships get serious.
  • Mars sextile Pluto: A change in direction.

Talisman Times:

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius Malas & Bracelets are live on the site!
    • New Moon Mala in Sagittarius- To increase optimism and personal growth while maintaining a focus.
    • Moon conjunct Sirius- To gain more than expected.
    • Moon conjunct Vega- To bring a touch of heaven to earth.
    • Asc Capricorn/Saturn sextile Venus- To commit to a love relationship.
    • Asc Taurus/Saturn sextile Venus - To increase commerce and fortunate sales.
    • Moon in Aries sextile Pluto- To reach a goal.

On the Horizon:

Our House:

  • Chart from Instagram- Kirsten
  • What are you asking from Santa? Most memorable present?
  • Wndr Museum: an immersive art experience that explores where science meets art.
  • Sun square Mars: Alex


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