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Nov 21, 2018

This Week In The Transits:


  • Sun moves into Sagittarius- Thanks for the gifts.
  • Neptune stations Direct- Which dreams are real?
  • Jupiter cazimi Sun- Take on the week- High energy time!
  • Mercury Retrograde square Mars- Don’t be harsh. Heated communication.
  • Mercury Retrograde cazimi Sun- Rest & recuperation.
  • Mars sextile Saturn- Act sensibly, rationally, & productively.
  • Mercury Retrograde conjunct Jupiter- Big thoughts, beliefs, & discussions…just imagine.


Talisman Times:


  • Venus conjunct Spica 24 degrees Libra- Saturday, Nov. 24
    • To bring forth Divine Blessings of wealth, abundance, and protection.
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter- Sunday, Nov. 25
    • To shine on stage as a bold leader.
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter (Sagittarius rising)- Monday, Nov. 26
    • To end one era and begin another.
  • Mercury Rx conjunct the Sun- Tuesday, Nov. 27
    • To allow the subconscious to work its magic.
  • Jupiter conjunct Rx Mercury- Tuesday, Nov. 27
    • To imagine the large scope of myself.
  • Mars Sextile Saturn- Tuesday, Nov. 27
    • To act in a rational & productive manner.
  • Rx Mercury conjunct Jupiter- Tuesday, Nov. 27
    • To imagine a fruitful partnership.


On The Horizon:



Our House:


  • Sandy and Alex reminisce about some timeless tales of Thanksgiving & they give their gratitude to their listeners.
  • Sandy recaps her time as a FEATURED GUEST on the Dr. Laura Berman- Too Risque for Radio Show. And talks about her giveaways to the lucky 8 callers!


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