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Nov 14, 2018

In The Transits:


  • Mars sextile Uranus - Thursday, Nov. 15 - Break hard set rules.
  • Venus stations Direct - Friday, Nov. 16 - Finally over!
  • Mercury stations Retrograde - Friday, Nov. 16 - Again, Seriously?
  • Mars square Jupiter - Monday, Nov. 19 - Creating Gold, but not fool’s gold! Be cautious of overextending yourself!


Talisman Times:


  • New Moon in Scorpio: Wednesday Nov. 7th at 11:02 A.M.: For emergence and renewal of emotional issues and urges.
  • Sun sextile Pluto: Sunday Nov. 11th at 6:03 A.M.: To express internal power in a positive manner.
  • Uranus trine Mars: To introduce new excitement into my world. Weeeeeeee!
  • Uranus sextile Mars: To be me.
  • Venus Retrograde conjunct Spica: To rise as a brilliant being.
  • Jupiter square Mars: To feel confident, strong, and successful.


On The Horizon:



Our House:


  • Sandy’s Dad had a close call with a heart-attack. Sandy is happy to announce the procedures went better than expected!
  • Alex discussed her latest challenge of packing for her upcoming trip with Dr. Joe Dispenza, with a weight allowance of 22lbs!
  • The two wrap up the episode with highlights from their recent Jupiter in Sagittarius Webinar. 


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