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Jun 1, 2020

Going Direct:

(5 STARS) It’s like getting two new best friends! (Reviewed on 5/6/2020)

I just absolutely LOVE this podcast and what it has taught me about the stars and universe! From a young age, I have been a total sucker for mythology and all things mystical and after first meeting Sandy- then listening to her and Alex, I am completely HOOKED! It’s so great for a novice astromancer to dip their foot into but also takes you to a whole other level where you find yourself down a rabbit hole into your deeper self. Keep it up, ladies! Many blessings to you and Namaste!

In the Transits:

  • Tue, June 2 Venus Rx square Mars: Surge of Feelings
  • Tue, June 2 Mercury in Shadow: Look for Mercury in the Night Sky!

Sandy’s Favorite Day:

  • Wed, June 3 Sun cazimi Venus Rx: Purification of Waste
  • Fri, June 5 Mercury sextile Uranus: Experiment with a New Way
  • Fri, June 5 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Hidden ‘Til Later
  • Sat, June 6 Sun square Mars: Watch Yourself

Talisman Times:



On the Horizon:



Our House:

Sandy has a poem to share and discuss!
There is a hole in my sidewalk by Portia Nelson