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Mar 13, 2023

In the Transits:


  • Tue, Mar 14 Mars square Neptune: Act with Reason

  • Wed, Mar 15 Sun conjunct Neptune: Go Easy
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  • Thu, Mar 16 Mercury conjunct Neptune: Say “I Think” or “Not Sure”

  • Thu, Mar 16 Sun square Mars: Not Sure About…

  • Thu, Mar 16 Venus square Pluto: Make No Promises

  • Thu, Mar 16 Venus ingress Taurus: She Has Landed Steadfast

  • Thu, Mar 16 Mercury square Mars: Face the Music

  • Fri, Mar 17 Mercury conjunct Sun: Clear as a Ghost

  • Fri, Mar 17 Venus sextile Saturn: Common Denominator

  • Sat, Mar 18 Mercury sextile Pluto: True Answer

  • Sat, Mar 18 Mercury ingress Aries: Drying Off
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Talisman Times:


  • None



    Wednesday, March 22 - Nyepi Day in Bali
    To have many opportunities to advance my public reputation.
    “My public persona as a successful business owner or associate is keen to attract and accept expansive measures to grow as my important self.”
    Moon (Aries) conjunct Jupiter (Aries) in 10th house

    Wednesday, March 22 - Nyepi Day in Bali
    To seek a higher belief in religion/spirituality.
    “My eyes, and therefore my mind, see the elevated vision of what is possible. I weave cultural beliefs into my sacred practice.”
    Moon (Aries) conjunct Jupiter (Aries) in 9th house

    Friday, March 24
    To gain every good thing.
    “Along with material security, protection during travel, and success in hunting for that which I desire, I am blessed.”
    Moon (Taurus) conjunct Ascendant (Aries) conjunct 3rd Lunar Mansion

    Friday, March 24
    To enhance fertility.
    “I am growing internaly to prepare space, nourishment, and fortitude to produce a healthy pregnancy and baby.”
    Moon (Taurus) conjunct North Node (Aries) conjunct Venus (Aries) conjunct Midheaven (Aries) conjunct 3rd Lunar Mansion

    Wednesday, March 29
    To attract dignity.
    “I am faithful, stable, charming, and self-assured. I turn on my magnetism to captivate my intended desire. This comes easily to me.”
    Moon (Cancer) sextile Venus (Taurus)
    Venus (Taurus) conjunct Ascendant (Taurus) 

    Friday, March 31
    To increase personal vitality.
    “My vibrancy, exuberance, and liveliness is expanding. I feel my life force engaging with the world. I experience the verve.”
    Moon (Cancer) square Sun (Aries) 



To make a positive influence on others.
“My ability to reward people in my tribe comes through as a noble gesture. I graciously nourish and permit them to grow. Beautiful power for all of us.”
(Talisman #1281) $222

On the Horizon

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