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Mar 6, 2023

In the Transits:


  • Mon, Mar 6 Sun sextile Uranus: Stimulate

  • Tue, Mar 7 Full Moon at 16° Virgo at 6:40 am: Getting Pushed or Pulled

  • Tue, Mar 7 Saturn ingress Pisces: Order Up Your Dreams

  • Sat, Mar 11 Venus sextile Mars: Send Invite

  • Sat, Mar 11 Mercury sextile Uranus: Ideation Alert!

  • Sun, Mar 12 Daylight Savings Time: Nice for Me!
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Talisman Times:


  • Tuesday, February 28
    To initiate caring work with my partner.
    “We are seen as the blessed duo. I take part in this partnership with growth, grace, and dedication. We meet in the middle as balanced human beings.”
    Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aries) conjunct Jupiter (Aries)

  • Wednesday, March 1
    To be zealous and dynamic in my intimate relationship.  - SOLD
    “I take on an energetic role with my intended partner. They know my motive, hope, and purpose I aim toward. Honest and True.”
    Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aries) square/enclosed Jupiter (Aries)



  • None


To make a positive influence on others.
“My ability to reward people in my tribe comes through as a noble gesture. I graciously nourish and permit them to grow. Beautiful power for all of us.”
(Talisman #1281) $222

On the Horizon

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Our House:


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