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Feb 20, 2023

In the Transits:


  • Mon, Feb 20 New Moon at 1° Pisces: Escape, Runaway, All-Clear

  • Mon, Feb 20 Venus ingress Aries: Go After or Before

  • Tue, Feb 21 Mercury square Uranus: Slow Down

  • Wed, Feb 22 Mercury trine Mars: Able to Catch Up

  • Sun, Feb 26 Mercury in Shadow: Be Cognisant
    (Central Time for all dates & times) 


Talisman Times:


  • #1568m -  Wednesday, February 15
    To be inclusive of everyone.
    “I am more than friendly and welcoming to everyone I meet especially when I am in a group setting for personal or business purposes. I engage in receptive and beneficial goals.”
    Moon (Sagittarius) square Venus (Pisces) in the 11th House

  • #1564m -  Thursday, February 16
    To begin a new cycle of refinement.
    “I swiftly deal with any old situations that need removal. This purification process speedily permits new committed building pieces.”
    Sun (Aquarius) conjunct/cazimi Saturn (Aquiarus)

  • #1567m -  Friday, February 17
    To display pleasentess, charm, and beautiful appearence.
    “My spiritual growth is noticed by others. I possess inner peace, beauty, and infinite wisdom. I feel close with God.”
    Moon (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Pisces*) *exaltation and exaltation degree

  • #1569f - Friday, February 17
    To enjoy the beneficence of friends.
    “Whether we are on vacation, having a private conversation, or discussing mundane subjects… I feel blessed with these beautiful people in my life.”
    Moon (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Pisces*) *exaltation and exaltation degree

  • #1565m - Friday, February 17
    To be respected by others.
    “I am honored and esteemed in my standing. Others are ready and willing to assist me. I am romantic, sensitive, and intuitive.”
    Moon (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Pisces*) *exaltation and exaltation degree


  • Tuesday, February 21
    To take on an ambitious role.
    “I know and feel the incredible impact I have in the public arena. It is known that I come from a loving place of integrity.”
    New Moon (Pisces) conjunct Venus (Aries)

  • Tuesday, February 21
    To partner with a fortunate ally.
    “I am blessed with abundance, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm when in cooperation with my companion. We get busy.”
    Moon (Pisces) conjunct Venus and Jupiter (Aries) in the 7th House

  • Wednesday, February 22
    To be the center of attention.
    “I am noticed as I walk about. I possess generosity and sweetness that I am willing to grant on others. We connect.”
    Moon (Aries) enclosed by Venus and Jupiter (Aries) in the 10th House

  • Friday, February 24
    To acquire safe travel.
    “All parts of my movement as I take action are protected. This includes my physical and emotional self. I am flying high.”
    Moon (Taurus) conjunct Ascendent (Taurus) conjunct Third Lunar Mansion

TALISMAN OF THE MONTH - To acquire respect and love. (Talisman #1223) $222

On the Horizon

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