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Nov 14, 2022

In the Transits:


  • Mon, Nov 14 Mercury sextile Pluto: Can We Get Along
  • Mon, Nov 14 Sun trine Neptune: About to Turn Direct
  • Tue, Nov 15 Venus trine Jupiter Rx: Good Benefits and Faith
  • Wed, Nov 16 Venus ingress Sagittarius: Free & Happy
  • Wed, Nov 16 Mercury trine Jupiter Rx: Hold Those Aces
  • Thu, Nov 17 Mercury ingress Sagittarius: Expand your World
  • Fri, Nov 18 Sun sextile Pluto: Authoritative
  • Sat, Nov 19 Mars square Neptune Rx: Confront your Fears
  • Sun, Nov 20 Sun trine Jupiter Rx: Confident

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Talisman Times:


  • None


  • November 20
    To conquer fear.
    “I attain courage and authority in all areas of my life. I am the only soul that can commit to my path infront of me.”
    Moon (Libra) trine Saturn (Aquarius) conjunct Ascendant (Aquarius)
  • November 25
    To increase wealth and overall good fortune.
    “I serve my higher dimension and realm. By doing so, I am gifted with plenty. Abundance flows to me.”
    Jupiter (Pisces) direct (won’t happen again until 2034)


TALISMAN OF THE MONTH - To incorporate global togetherness. (Talisman #1187) $222

On the Horizon

(Central Time for all dates & times)
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