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Sep 19, 2022

In the Transits:


  • Mon, Sep 19 Venus trine Uranus Rx: Surprise Date
  • Thu, Sep 22 Sun ingress Libra: Fall Equinox 8:04 pm
    ⇩ Sandy’s Astrological Interest Day ⇩
  • Fri, Sep 23 Mercury Rx conjunct Sun in Libra: Mercury Cazimi at the World Point
  • Fri, Sep 23 Mercury Rx ingress Virgo: Back to Rulership and Exaltation
  • Sat, Sep 24 Venus opposed Neptune Rx: Secret Society Meeting
    ⇩ Sandy’s Conflict Day ⇩
  • Sun, Sep 25 New Moon at 2° Libra: Nothing or Everything

(Central Time for all dates & times) 


Talisman Times:


  • Tuesday, September 13
    To experience all the pleasures of life.
    “I attract all the worldly and material conveniences life has to offer me. My right hand is available to acquire these riches.”
    Moon (Aries) conjunct Midheaven conjunct Third Lunar Mansion trine Venus (Virgo) in the 2nd House [Night Chart]

  • Tuesday, September 13
    To receive support from my family.
    “I happily accept reinforcement from my loved ones, my family members. They just seem to know I am in need of their backing.”
    Saturn Rx (Aquarius) *Ruler of Chart*; Moon (Taurus) in the 4th House trine Venus (Virgo)


  • Monday, September 19
    To ward off negative energy.
    “I only attract positive vibrations wherever I roam. I have a protective shield surrounding me.”
    Sun (Virgo) conjunct Midheaven conjunct Fixed Star Alkaid
  • Sunday, September 25
    To conclude studies.
    “My intent lessons are coming to a close. I know now what I wished to establish in my mind and in my practice.”
    Balsamic Moon (Virgo) conjunct Venus (Virgo) in the 3rd House


TALISMAN OF THE MONTH - To enter a successful deal with a business partner. (Talisman #1113) $222

On the Horizon

(Central Time for all dates & times)
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Our House:

Sandy and Alex are heading off to the family wedding…

So here’s a RE-PLAY of the Retrograde Meditation ;) 

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