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Sep 12, 2022

In the Transits:


  • Fri, Sep 16 Venus square Mars: Great Debate
  • Fri, Sep 16 Sun opposed Neptune Rx: Lollygag
  • Sun, Sep 18 Mercury Rx opposed Jupiter Rx: Retract Opinions?
  • Sun, Sep 18 Sun trine Pluto Rx: Authoritative Leader

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Talisman Times:


  • Wednesday, September 7
    To deepen one’s principles and integrity.
    “I am a noble warrior, gifted with honor and riches. I provide victory to all who follow my lead. We all win.”
    Moon (Aquarius) trine Mercury (Libra) in 2nd House trine Mars (Gemini) conjunct Midheaven conjunct Royal Star Aldebaran

  • Saturday, September 10
    To find value in my neighborhood.
    “I set standards and attract abundance by being surrounded by those I live near. My neighbors provide security, peace, and understanding.”
    Moon (Pisces) conjunct Jupiter Rx (Aries) in 3rd House

  • Sunday, September 11
    To be quick witted.
    “I quickly come to my answer. My ideas and messages fly out of my mouth and to the paper. I move along speedily in all categories.”
    Moon (Aries) in 1st House sextile Mars (Gemini) in 3rd House


  • Tuesday, September 13
    To experience all the pleasures of life.
    “I attract all the worldly and material conveniences life has to offer me. My right hand is available to acquire these riches.”
    Moon (Aries) conjunct Midheaven conjunct Third Lunar Mansion trine Venus (Virgo) in the 2nd House [Night Chart]

  • Tuesday, September 13
    To receive support from my family.
    “I happily accept reinforcement from my loved ones, my family members. They just seem to know I am in need of their backing.”
    Saturn Rx (Aquarius) *Ruler of Chart*; Moon (Taurus) in the 4th House trine Venus (Virgo)



TALISMAN OF THE MONTH - To enter a successful deal with a business partner. (Talisman #1113) $222

On the Horizon

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