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Jun 13, 2022

In the Transits:

  • Mon, June 13 Mercury ingress Gemini: Home Again, Clickity-Click!
  • Tue, June 14 Full Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune: Confusion on How to Get There
  • Thu, June 16 Sun trine Saturn: Confident Self
  • Thu, June 16 Sun square Neptune: Trust Intuition
  • Sat, June 18 Venus square Saturn: Flipping Off
  • Sat, June 18 Venus sextile Neptune: Mood Change

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Talisman Times:


  • None



  • None


TALISMAN OF THE MONTH - To nurture children. $222

On the Horizon:

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Our House:

Sandy shares some astrologically tied events, a reunion of the Mexico retreat attendees, plus- Sandy is off again for more travels- this time for a retirement party!