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Feb 24, 2020

Going Direct:


Love the podcast and talked about it on all of my trips and retreats. And I mean it! I learned so much and the weekly podcast is my favorite thing.

In the Transits:

  • Mon Feb 24 Sun sextile Mars: Believe and Achieve
  • Tue Feb 25 Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde [Rx]: Clear Intuition
  • Wed Feb 26

Feb 17, 2020

Bettina Gordon-Wayne is an international journalist and certified mental strength trainer. At age 44, she became the third generation of women in her family to have healthy children at an age the mainstream deems "dangerous.” In her book The Joy of Later Motherhood, Bettina shares the stories and advice of 40 women...

Feb 17, 2020

Going Direct:

Talisman Tribe Shout-Outs

Yolanda: To really enjoy life and all it has to offer

Mandy: To gain favor.

Thyme: To be protected.

Jenny: To enter a successful business deal with a partner.

Joann: To beautify all in my world.

Deborah: To plan solidly.

Paula: To increase the meaning of life.

Alesia: To discover...

Feb 10, 2020

Going Direct:


I have been listening to your podcast for around 6 months now and just love it! You and your mom both bring fun and different aspects to the show and flow! Keep up the amazing job ladies! Thanks so much for all you do!

In the Transits:

  • Sun Feb 16 Mars ingress Capricorn: Productive Construction
  • Sun...

Feb 3, 2020

Going Direct:

Susan Gidel joins us to talk about the new, upcoming Astrology Webinars! 

In the Transits:

  • Mon Feb 3 Mercury ingress Pisces: In Detriment and In Shadow
  • Mon Feb 3 Venus sextile Saturn: Love + Reality
  • Wed Feb 5 Mercury sextile Uranus: Sudden Insights (favorite of the month!)
  • Fri Feb 7 Venus ingress...