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May 16, 2022

In the Transits:

  • Wed, May 18 Mars conjunct Neptune: Boundless Energy
  • Thu, May 19 Sun trine Pluto: Take on a Challenge
  • Thu, May 19 Mercury Rx sextile Jupiter: A Philisophical Outlook
  • Fri, May 20 Sun ingress Gemini: Happy Birthday Twins!
  • Sat, May 21 Sun cazimi Mercury: Inferior Cazimi
  • Sun, May 22 Mars sextile Pluto: Deepen Your Direction
  • Sun, May 22 Mercury Rx ingress Taurus: Returns without Much Dignity
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Talisman Times:


  • None




TALISMAN OF THE MONTH - To strengthen the mind and clarify the message. $222

On the Horizon:

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Our House:

We have a special guest, Stuart Bishop, the yogi and retreat host in Greece. Tune in to hear about the inspiration of the retreat, and what is planned for the transformational week!