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Mar 22, 2021

In the Transits:

Conflict Day (Tuesday, March 23)

  • Tue, March 23 Mercury square Mars: Slow to Correct
  • Fri, March 26 Sun conjunct Venus: Giving Birth
  • Sun, March 28 Full Moon in Libra: Direction to Love

(Central Time for all dates & times)

Talisman Times:



  • Tue, March 23 To stand in my power, as myself.
  • Tue, March 23 To be noticed as the bright light that I am.
  • Tue, March 23 To be fertile.
  • Tue, March 23 To increase and build strength.
  • Mon, March 29 To pave the way for others.

ORBIT OF THE MONTH “I express love and affection” 

On the Horizon



Our House:

Sandy and Alex get ready to unveil their latest Astrological Interview with a Burnout Specialist (dropping Wednesday, March 24) and share both of their favorite ways to beat the burnout.