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Feb 22, 2021

In the Transits:

  • Wed, February 24 Mars trine Pluto: Engage All Systems
  • Thu, February 25 Venus ingress Pisces: In Exhaultation
    (FYI- couldn’t find the video 😕)
  • Thu, February 25 Sun sextile Uranus: Tap Into Your Senses
  • Sat, February 27 Full Moon in Virgo: Shine The Light

(Central Time for all dates & times)

Talisman Times:



ORBIT OF THE MONTH “I am mentally alert” 

MOON PHASE RINGS- Back in Stock!

On the Horizon

Our House:

Sandy and Alex bring in a client, Tessa, to share the incredible 6 month journey it took for her personal talismans to arrive. A story of using teamwork vs. blame to get things done!