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Dec 21, 2020

In the Transits:

  • Mon, December 21 Sun ingress Capricorn: Winter Solstice & Happy Birthday Cappies!
  • Mon, December 21 Jupiter conjunct Saturn: The Grand Conjunction
    Sandy's Challenge Day:
  • Wed, December 23 Mars square Pluto: Is Your Power In-Tact?
  • Thu, December 24 Moon ingress Taurus: Where is Your Peace?
  • Fri, December 25 Mercury trine Uranus: Write These Down
  • Sun, December 27 Sun trine Uranus: New Good Things

(Central Time for all dates & times)

Talisman Times:



On the Horizon:



Our House:

Sandy and Alex reflect on the podcast listeners' handmade gifts. Sandy has received the beautiful cards, photos, and emails- so thank you all for sharing your creative gifts with us! As they are closing up the year, Sandy and Alex want to share their gratitude to all you supporters! (photo below: from the finder scope of Sandy’s telescope of Jupiter & Saturn before the clouds rolled in)

from the finder scope of astrologer Sandy Rueve’s telescope of 2020 Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction before the clouds rolled in