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Dec 14, 2020

In the Transits:

  • Mon, December 14 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Global Shifts
  • Mon, December 14 Venus sextile Jupiter: Beneficial Alliances? 
  • Mon, December 14 Mercury trine Mars: Speedy Talks
  • Tue, December 15 Venus sextile Saturn: Bounce Forward
  • Tue, December 15 Venus ingress Sagittarius: Happier Times
  • Wed, December 16 Saturn ingress Aquarius: A Permanent Move
  • Sat, December 19 Jupiter ingress Aquarius: Now More Joyful. Are You?
  • Sat, December 19 Mercury cazimi Sun: Get Clear & Adjust
  • Sun, December 20 Mercury ingress Capricorn: Into Cardinal Earth
  • Mon, December 21 Sun ingress Capricorn: Winter Solstice & Happy Birthday Cappies!
  • Mon, December 21 Jupiter conjunct Saturn: The Grand Conjunction

(Central Time for all dates & times)

Talisman Times:



  • TBD

On the Horizon:



Our House:

She Beads studio is BACK! Take a walk with Sandy and Alex down memory lane as they take a peek into the She Beads vault & history! Shop the 12 Days of Christmas- She Beads & read the introduction poem:

'Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through our studio
not a bead was rolling,
& wouldn't you know...

The customers worried
of their handmade gift needs,
to stretch our hands
& to make our beads!

Now as the Christmas spirit
grows slowly with care,

crack open
the She Beads vault
& see what is there!