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Jul 6, 2020

In the Transits:

  • Wed, July 8 Mercury Rx square Mars: Press Pause
  • Sun, July 12 Mercury stations direct: Press GO
  • Sun, July 12 Sun square Neptune: Are You Satisfied?

Talisman Times:


  • Mon, June 29 To get past the muck and obstacles. 
  • Tue, June 30 To be clear on family communications.


  • Thu, July 9 To begin a lucrative teaching project.
  • Mon, July 13 To be promoted.

On the Horizon:





Our House:

Sandy and Alex have two announcements one is out of this world amazing, and another is the reason our music is silent today… Recent news about one of our favorite singer/songwriter/activist has emerged that is upsetting and uncharacteristic. Sandy and Alex discuss their early opinions and reactions to the news. ALSO, Sandy was given a telescope- a very high-powered telescope- that allowed her to view Jupiter and Pluto in the night sky!